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Two of my most favourite people in the world have autism. I have lived with them, laughed with them and cried with them. They have kept me in touch with my humanity and what life is about.
Special Intelligence
I believe autism is in some cases a “special intelligence” as people in the autistic spectrum can be focused, detailed, highly intelligent and creative, a major attribute to society and community.
However it is devastating to those parents who find their child has significant symptoms consisting of language delay, poor social and interaction skills, delay in toilet training, diarrhoea or constipation, food sensitivities, self restriction of diet, tummy aches, hyperactivity, lethargy, poor concentration, eczema, self harm, repetitive behaviour and the list goes on. 
"1 % of our children in the UK, are diagnosed to have Autism and related Spectrum disorder " Ref; Lancet 2006; 368; pg 210-15
It is a complex disorder which does not a have a completely clear and consistent explanation to it’s nature or cause.
So what can we do? Scientific research is looking for an answer but it’s a slow process. However the following nutritional and biomedical protocols have been found scientifically and/or clinically to contribute to helping the biochemical in balances that seem to appear consistently in that group of people and help alleviate some of the symptoms, sometimes changing the person significantly, such as;
Caesin and gluten free-IAG’S found in the urine, indicating opiod substances that can affect the brain
Improving gut absorption and digest
Supplementing essential fatty acids-EPA’s for the communication of the brain and DHA for the structure of the brain cell
Addressing gut flora in balances
Supporting the immune system
Addressing mineral and vitamin in balances, involved in cellular energy production and biochemical processes
Eliminating heavy metals
Improving detoxification pathway’s
Improving biochemical processes such as sulphation and methylation
I advise on protocols that can nutritionally be put together but individually depending on the person, testing and symptoms.
Not only do I carry out individual consultations and programmes, I also help run an Autism clinic once a month with a medically trained Doctor and together we advise and support families with autism, run by a charity called EAT.
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