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The well known philosopher Hippocrates said ”let your food
be your medicine”!

However do YOU know what to eat? There is so much choice, marketing, conflicting advice.  
Do you feel healthy-I mean really healthy? Or do you just excuse the increasing tiredness or slightly aching joints, dry skin or thinning hair, increasing midriff and indigestion to “just getting older”?
Did you know that even though we are becoming taller, heavier and living to be older but we are more malnourished than ever before?
Our bodies have to deal with more chemicals in our environment than 50 years ago and also life is more stressful with depression as the most common reason someone visits their Doctor, even though we may have every gadget under the sun to improve efficiency and communication.
Our bodies are not getting the nutrients they need for optimal biochemical functioning. We eat more processed and manufactured foods which means we have less nutrients and more ‘anti-nutrients’.  We eat food that has travelled thousands of miles and not in the season when they are at their most nutritious.
It has been never so important to ensure you keep your bodies healthy and young.
Eating oily fish 3 times a week can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by 40%
Eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day reduces the risk of cancer
By eating 5 brazil nuts a day you increase your vital antioxidant selenium by 100%
By eating wholemeal rice , pasta and bread you reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes
By eating 3 eggs a week you can improve your memory
Get checked now for a nutritional analysis to see how you can improve your life now and for the future.
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